How to Create a Concept Album

A concept album is a long-playing record developed by songs that tell a particular story or an experience that had happened sometime back. It shows how creative a musician can be in creating a song with a single storyline. A compelling concept album should have an idea that is carried out throughout the entire album. The songs should have a particular theme.

The first thing one needs to do in creating a concept album is to develop a concept. If you want to successfully complete a concept album that people will love and enjoy listening to, you will have to have a concept of what it is that you want to have in your songs. Make sure that you have an idea that is going to catch people’s attention and one that they will listen to from start to end. Do a lot of research for you to get the best ideas for your songs. You can get these ideas from reading books. Books have so many ideas in them and going through them can make you experienced and you will be able to get one or two concepts for your songs. You can as well get these ideas from listening to past hip hop concept albums from successful musicians. Getting to listen to some of these legendary artists’ music can also help you come up with the best ideas for your album.

Once you have developed a concept, the next thing you should be able to do is writing the songs. Writing songs is a difficult job especially if you have the theme of the song because you will need to maintain the message throughout your song writing. It takes some time and effort when you are making an album and so you should take time to make the right lyrics. One should make sure that the lyrics describe all the important narratives in your developed idea. It is important that you be able to maintain a certain vibe throughout your lyrics. For you to maintain this vibe, you should not be in a hurry to finish your lyrics. You should take your time to have the right choice of words and also you should respect different kinds of culture so that everybody can relate to the kind of music you are writing.

Lastly, you should record and release the completed set as hip hop concept albums. Having developed an idea of the songs and having written the songs, you can now move on to the next step which is recording your song. Going to the studios with your lyrics and recording the songs for you to come up with the best instrumental and lyrical flow of your songs. Record each song and make a list of them to come up with a concept album. You should also position your tracks effectively before making the final list. Make sure you have an album that is professionally recorded, mixed and mastered songs before releasing it to the world. Also make sure that the album cover will catch the public attention.

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